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  • Only original work may be submitted for all LAWN exhibitions

  • 2D - All work submitted for exhibitions must be dry, ready to be handled and ready to hang

  • 3D - Sculpture and textiles - the artist supplies & installs all things necessary to display completed work

  • Artists will indicate with their intent to participate if the work is 2D, 3D, and pertinent details

  • If work is occupying one area of space but is comprised of multiple pieces it has to be approved by the Board

  • Contact information provided to buyers at exhibitions will be the LAWN email account, managed by the secretary. The secretary will contact the artist and treasurer. The artist and buyer will make arrangements for art sales and transfer of ownership

  • A commission of 10% is payable to LAWN, to the treasurer, for all work:

    • sold during an art exhibition

    • committed to during an art exhibition

  • The HeArt of Christmas Show allows that pieces may be taken prior to the end of the show if they are Christmas gifts. If any pieces are sold they are not to be replaced by another piece 

  • LAWN is not responsible for any damage....artists are responsible for carrying insurance if they deem necessary

  • Members in current standing will be given priority for participation in art exhibitions

  • All art delivered for shows must have identification identifying the artist.



  • New memberships may be submitted to the treasurer at any time.

  • Renewal of membership is due in September of each year with a submission deadline of December of the membership year.

  • Your membership is from September to September.

  • Priority in shows will be to currently paid up members.

  • Artists must have a Western NL residence at least for part of the calendar year.




Officers of the Board of Directors:

As per By-Law #5 of the "League of Artists of Western Nfld, Inc", the Officers of the Board of Directors are:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary


As per By-Law #5.07 of the "League of Artists of Western Nfld, Inc", the other Officers of the Board of Directors, as decided by the Directors, are:

  • Social Media & Exhibition Coordinator - has a lead role for art show installations

  • Members-at-Large (2) - have such powers and duties as the Directors or the President may determine.


Note: The Past President will have a Consultation role with the Board of Directors.

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